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Awaken The Genius Of Your Intuition - 3 hour workshop

The Arts Center, 320 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Tuition: $65

Most of us have forgotten the thrill we experienced as children waking up to each new day as an adventure in discovering ourselves, the world around us, greater skills to navigate with ...This is what my workshops reawaken and are really all about. The foundation of my teaching is strip away the mystery of intuition and all things 'psychic' and show how you can effortlessly and CONSCIOUSLY access this natural and profound source of wisdom and insight that is readily available as your birthright.

Intuition is direct perception, the difference between thinking and knowing. It enables insight into the very essence of things. You will experience how to 'turn on' and 'tune in to' your intuition to receive insight and knowledge.  All it takes is learning the three simple keys to access your intuition and psychic impressions. You will come away with a body of knowledge and emerging skills/gifts you are not aware you currently possess, deeper and unusual perspectives and insight into yourself and others...

This three hour workshop will focus on practicing the "three keys" in a variety of exercises for decision making and insight into yourself and others. Students tell me I have a good sense of humor...we might get a few laughs out of this too...

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Awaken The Genius Of Your Intuition
April 25, 2009

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