Wish Balls

Hand Painted Wish Balls
$75 ea.

A one-of-a-kind unique addition to your original art collection.  WISH BALLS are very meaningful gifts. Hand painted 3 inch wooden balls on a lovely star shaped glass holder. Each ball is different. The pictures below illustrate the colors and general pattern of the ball you will receive.

They are packaged in a lovely white gift box with gold label and an instruction card tucked inside.
Scroll down to read their symbolism and how they were created.


To manifest anything you can imagine. You have the whole world in your hand containing all possibilities.

  Green represents healing, prosperity and well being. It is also the color designated to The Archangel Raphael who is sometimes referred to as "Heaven's Physician."

The colors of fire to enhance your energy, enthusiasm, passion and endurance.

Pink is the color of love. Small glittering hearts are painted all around this lovely ball.

 When you wish upon a star your dreams come true....

In the summer of 2015  I was commissioned to create and hand paint designs on ten polo balls for the Saratoga Springs, NY Polo Association. They were to be presented as trophies to the winning teams for the summer polo matches. They were beautifully received by the winners!

This project was a new and quite challenging adventure. I almost backed out of it more than once because of the unexpected difficulties I encountered painting on these smooth round objects. However, as new adventures go, my imagination was stimulated and I came up with the idea to create a unique line of WISH BALLS.

My Wish Balls are similar to the Japanese tradition of Temari Balls which are thread-wrapped balls given as tokens of good luck and displayed and enjoyed as works of art. Temari balls are also called "wish balls." Mothers making the balls would secretly write a wish for their child's future on a small piece of paper, then place it in the center of the ball before embroidering it.

Wish Balls are said to contain the power of those wishes with them when they are given as gifts. In modern times, everyone can enjoy Wish Balls by giving them as gifts when wishing good fortune to friends and family or simply using them as decoration.

Wish Balls, like polo balls, are 3 inches in diameter and hand painted by me on primed wooden balls. They are beautiful. I've finished each piece with a special coat of paint that gives the appearance of sparkling stars.

 WISH BALLS are packaged in a lovely white gift box with an instruction card tucked inside....See pics just below: