by Marina Petro

"The purpose of activating the intuition is that of putting at the disposal of the individual a precious function which generally remains latent and unused, thereby leaving the individual incomplete in his or her development."
-Roberto Assagioli

Science tells us that we are using 10% of our brain capacity. Wow! Does that put a new perspective on all the 'experts' out there! How much do we really know about anything? Do you ever wonder what possibilities exist if you were using the full capacity of your brain? Intuition is an integral part of your receptive thought process. You are receiving intuitive impressions all the time...yes, even in this moment!.

Developing your intuition can open door to utilize more of your brain's potential. It will enable you to access information, insight and guidance beyond your rational thought process about anything you choose. You can know more about anything by consciously developing your intuition.

Most persons have had intuitive experiences. I believe that most of us are in a state of anticipating those wonderful out-of-the-blue hits of insight and enlightenment much of the time, simply because we are always wondering about something. Think about it. Aren't you wondering about a situation, person, outcome, decision you're trying to make in your life right now? This is where consciously cultivating your intuition can be of great assistance. You do not have to wait for those enlightening experiences. If you are aware of the simple principles that activate intuition consciously, you can receive information and insight whenever you choose. When you decide to follow your intuition as it unfolds in each moment, you have stepped onto the magical path of adventure, creativity and discovery. You awaken each day anticipating the guidance you will receive to direct your life.

Consciously accessing your intuition implies become aware of what is already there-paying attention. If you know your intuition is always present, rather than a sporadic, transcendental event, it makes it much easier to identify it's subtle presence.

Intuition follows the flow of your attention and intention. One of the principles governing conscious access of intuition is focusing your attention. A focused mind will access strong and clear impressions. A scattered mind will produce scattered impressions. When you are focused, your intuition is very present to serve and guide you in greater and more specific ways. Focus your attention on anything and whatever you are focused on will reveal its nature. The more you keep your attention focused, the more is revealed with deeper and deeper insight.

The keys to consciously access your intuition can be put into a nutshell. They are...

Stillness-quiet the body and anchor yourself in the present.

Focus your attention and intention on what it is you want more insight into. Empty the mind of pre impressions.

Receptivity- Sustain an open, receptive state to receive impressions.

Try this exercise I teach in my MASTER YOUR INTUITION workshops when you're seeking intuitive insight into someone.

Close your eyes and sit quietly the first few times you attempt this. With practice, you will be able to focus on anyone, when you're up and about, and receive impressions easily. Another suggestion: try this with persons you know and with persons you don't know anything about. Happy discoveries...!

1. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Take in a few deep slow breaths and relax.

2. Bring the person you want more insight into your awareness and gently focus on them.

3.Ask your intuition: If this person were an animal, what would (he/she) be? Allow your creative imagination to transform them into the image/impression of an animal.

4. Stay focused on the animal and allow it to reveal it's nature to you. Notice the environment it is in. What is it doing? How is it moving? Ask it to reveal it's nature to you and just continue to observe what emerges in your inner vision. After a while, ask the animal any questions that come to mind. It will respond.

Each impression conveys intuitive insight. This is the language of intuition. If you stay focused and allow the animal to reveal itself, you will come away with understanding and insight that could not have been realized through your ordinary impressions and analytical faculties. This is your intuition communicating. Try this with as many persons as you can. Only with practice and observing differences, can you extract the full benefit and insight this will bring to you.

Marina Petro is a psychic/intuitive consultant, visionary artist and educator. Marina is widely recognized for her gift of precise intuitive insight and clarity. She has maintained a private practice as a psychic/intuitive consultant and directed Intuition Training Seminars since 1977. Former vice-president of Awareness, Inc. of NYC and Connecticut, she has an extensive regional and international clientele. Her original oil paintings and prints are in collections all over the world.