Discerning Yes and No Signals Intuitively

To do or not to do?.....Is that your question?

Intuition is an integral part of your receptive thought impression process. You are receiving intuitive impressions all the time. Yes, even in this moment! Impressions coming from your intuition are rapid-fire, lightning-fast, and slip by your overtaxed, analytical, logical, next-step-jumping, poor left brain hemisphere without notice most of the time.

Consciously accessing intuition implies becoming aware of what is already there. Paying attention. If you know that intuition is always present, rather than a sporadic, transcendental event, it makes it much easier to identify its subtle presence.

Here are several quick, on-your-feet ways to access intuition for 'yes 'or 'no' responses. As a rule, 'yes' impressions are experienced as a pleasant, open sensation, or imagery. 'No'  impressions are experienced as constrained, dark, or unpleasant, unless you're a masochist-then anything goes.

Before you begin, remember to hold a state of mind where you have no opinions or expectations whatsoever. Ask your question and...

Star Button  Imagine a Jack-In-The-Box popping up with a sign saying yes or no.

Star Button  Imagine a rose...If it stays strong and blooms, your answer is yes. If it wilts or dies, the answer is no.

Star Button  Imagine a traffic light...Red signals no, or stop. Green signals yes, or go. Yellow signals caution.

  Imagine an animal...Let the animal's behavior give you the answer.

With all things, practice makes perfect. The more you pay attention and use your intuition, the stronger it gets and will serve you more readily.