"I close my eyes in order to see."
-Paul Gauguin

Intuition goes to the heart of the matter. It is your truth detector, guide, and messenger. Intuition is a skill that can be strengthened and brought more fully into your conscious awareness. Like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the more it develops and responds.

Intuition follows the flow of your attention and intention. When you are scattered, your impressions will be scattered. When you are focused, your intuition will be very present to serve you in greater and more specific ways. The three primary keys to consciously access your intuition can be put into a nutshell. They are...

Star Button  Be still, inwardly and outwardly...body and mind.

Star Button  Focus your attention and intention.

Star Button  Be receptive and open to receive impressions.

When you are focused on anything, whatever you are focused on will reveal its nature. As you hold your focus, more is revealed, with deeper and deeper insight.

Try this exercise I teach in my Master Your Intuition class when you want insight into someone. I suggest you close your eyes and sit quietly the first few times you attempt this. with practice, you will be able to focus on anyone, when you're up and about, and receive impressions easily.

Another suggestion...Experiment with persons you know and with persons you don't know anything about. Happy discoveries!

Star Button  Sit quietly and close your eyes.

Star Button  Bring the person into your awareness and gently focus on them.

Star Button  Ask your intuition: If this person were a plant, what would (he/she)be? Allow your creative imagination to transform them into a plant.

Star Button  Stay gently focused on the plant and allow it to reveal it's nature to you.

Notice all you can about the plant...the environment it is in, the earth it is in. Is it moist? Dry? Is it strong and growing, or withering? Is it alone or among other plants? Examine the root system. Is it strong? Notice how it takes in nourishment. Notice any blocks. Ask what the plant needs to flourish, or anything else you want to ask.

Each impression conveys intuitive insight. This is the language of intuition. If you stay focused and allow the plant to reveal itself, you will come away with understanding and insight that could not have been realized through your ordinary impressions and analytical faculties. This is your intuition communicating its wisdom.

Try this with as many persons as you can. Only with practice and observing differences, can you extract the full benefit and insight this will bring you.