Painting From "The Zone"  

On Intuitive Painting by Marina Petro

Would you like to discover the authentic artist within you? The one that is not influenced by what you have been taught, what you have accepted as the correct way to paint, the rules that are influencing every painting you paint from its inception to its completion? How would you like to experience complete freedom, adventure, and the spirit of discovery with each painting?

Creating a piece of art is both an intuitive and analytical process for most artists.  Children, who are  natural, authentic artists, paint solely from their intuition and instinct. They reach for colors they are attracted to, one after the other, and proceed to draw or paint without inhibition. This is true creative self expression.

When my granddaughter was seven, she painted a wonderful, bright,  whimsical painting of a house with flowers in the front,  and a large honeybee flying just above the roof. Her uncle commented that he didn't like where she put the bee. It was too large. I watched her mood shift from joyful to sullen. She picked up her brush and painted the bee right out. I tried, but couldn't convince her to leave it in. Later, she painted another bee but nothing could match the unique, life filled quality of the first one.

The first step in attempting to paint wholly intuitively is deciding that no one else but you will see your creation. This is important initially to avoid comments and opinions from anyone else. What you will discover almost immediately is that you are your own worst critic. It's quite a challenge to quiet the critical/analytical mind-the one that has learned painting techniques and the fundamentals of painting which can, in their own right, diminish the fullness of pure creative discovery.

The only materials you need are paint, a spray bottle for water to keep your paint moist,  paper, and  two or three brushes of your choice.  I suggest  using tempera or a fluid type acrylic paint on large sheets of paper, at least 22x28 inches, which will give you enough freedom of movement. I use an ice cube tray for my paint.

Now you are ready to begin. Take a few moments to quiet yourself and focus your attention inward. Decide which colors you are attracted to and put them in your ice cube tray or on your palette.  With brush in hand, reach for the first color you are drawn to and begin to apply it to the paper. Continue to paint until you get an impulse to use another color. Don't bother with mixing colors. Use the paint in its pure form. Keep on painting.  Stay focused, responding to your intuition, and simply continue in this fashion until you feel the painting is finished. When you think the painting is finished, stand before it and ask, "What else do you need?" and go from there. Ask what else it needs several times until nothing else comes through. So, here it is in a nutshell.

I use the term painting from "The Zone" to identify the paintings I produce in this fashion. "The Zone" is the deep quiet place within me where all creativity originates.

I'd love to hear your comments if you give this a whirl. Life is full of wonderful surprises. You never know what you will discover!

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"Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one."

~Stella Adler