One image is worth a thousand words...

Guided imagery is an excellent modality to explore your intuition. The following exercise, using creative imaging, will guide you to meet a symbolic representation of your intuition with which you can communicate. Trust the experience. Accept and invite the image that is presented to you and call on it often. This exercise can be used to obtain all forms of insight and answer any question. Here we go...

  • Decide on the question you want to ask. Be clear and very specific. Avoid using compounded questions or any question containing the word 'and.'
  • Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Take in a few deep, long, slow breaths then just breathe normally until you are relaxed.
  • Ground yourself. Experience yourself anchored within and connected to the Earth. Be present and open.
  • Go to a favorite place in your imagination and experience yourself there. Invite your guide to present itself to you now. It is important that you accept whatever form your guide appears to you as.
  • Ask your guide to show you how it communicates YES to you.
  • Ask your guide to show you how it communicates NO to you.
  • Ask your guide the question you prepared. Your intuition will respond immediately.
  • Now ask: "What is the REAL question I need to be asking?" Your intuitive guide will give you the question. Now, Ask the question you were given and receive your answer.

Sound simple? It is!